16 Struggles Americans Experience In Australia

The struggle is real. The drop bears are not… right?

1. Waiting for someone to finish a sentence they ended with “but” or “as.”

That’s it. The end isn’t coming.

2. Trying to fit in by eating Vegemite for breakfast.


3. Coming to terms with the fact that koalas are not roaming the streets everywhere.

I feel lied to!

4. Understanding cricket.

It’s like baseball except the pitcher… er, bowler… throws the ball at the wickets. Seriously though, it lasts HOW long?!

5. When someone says “I brought dessert” and pulls out this:

Fairy bread. Hundreds and thousands. This is confusing.

6. Not being insulted when some one calls you a c**t.

Remember, it’s a sign of endearment. If they call you “mate,” then they probably hate you.

7. Always writing the date incorrectly.

Dates where the day and the month are the same are the only days you get it right.

8. Accepting that the news does not have to be so depressing.

Slow news day? No, this is just Australia.

9. Not giggling when this happens:

Ok, it’s still funny even though we all know what they mean.

10. Doing a double take at the names of your favorite food products.

Also, different names for franchise establishments like Burger King/Hungry Jacks. My brain is exploding.

11. Showing the appropriate amount of enthusiasm when someone talks about Ned Kelly.

Murderous villain or folk hero? This is all new to me….

12. Remembering that one does not “root” for a team.

Or else you will be met with uncomfortable glances and sarcastically have your morals questioned.

13. Controlling your excitement when you remember that sales tax is already included.

Also, you don’t have to tip for everything!

14. Discovering that the Queen’s birthday and certain sporting events are holidays.

Hey, no complaints though.

15. Accepting that signage like this is acceptable and somewhat normal.

I bet I’d like Todd.

16. Keeping up with the endless lingo and phrases.

Ok, this one really IS a struggle.

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