13 Reasons CityRail Is The Worst.

Once upon a time, the bustling metropolis of Sydney and its suburbs needed public transport. Cityrail was the answer. But it is the WORST.

1. CityRail. Here’s 13 reasons it is the worst:

2. 1. The 10-coin limit on ticket purchases

Trying to buy your ticket by inserting coins one by one but forgetting that after 10, it cancels your ticket and refunds all your money. Much to the dismay of all the people waiting in line behind you.

3. 2. Trains are never on time


4. 3. Trackworks

Even though the buses aren’t much slower they are for some reason SO much more annoying

5. 4. Rush hour

Guess I’ll be sitting on the stairs… if I’m lucky

6. 5. Accidentally boarding a quiet carriage

How DARE you even sneeze?! Get out before your cellphone accidentally rings!

7. 6. It is always freezing cold

Usually due to the air conditioner. But in this case, rain… inside. Not much better.

8. 7. The carriages are always dirty

As if graffiti is the worst thing you have seen on a train. Don’t get me started on the rubbish, vomit or… urine.

9. 8. Never being able to hear the announcer

Can you repeat that?! Where are we?!

10. 9. Unsuccessfully trying to sleep

Should have stayed in the quiet carriage…

11. 10. Not always so disability friendly

Right. OK then.

12. 11. Out of order toilets on suburban lines

That feeling of utter despair when you realize you now have to hold it all the way to your destination

13. 12. Your fellow passengers

Only open seat left on the train. Riiiiiight there.

14. 13. The token bogan looking for a fight

You’ve come to accept this is going to happen. Check other carriages with less chaos and make your escape.

15. Maybe I should have just driven…

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