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    17 Times Gordon Ramsay Made You Scream "ME AS HELL"


    1. When you've had eight mimosas at bottomless brunch.

    2. When your S.O. is trying to argue with you.

    3. When you're on your 17th episode of House Hunters.

    4. When your co-workers are the worst.

    5. When you realize how bad your hangover is gonna be.

    6. When you're trying to meet someone on Tinder.

    7. When you catch your S.O. flirting with someone else.

    8. When you're watching GoT and your BFF keeps asking questions.

    9. When you've been at work for 15 minutes.

    10. When all your friends are way drunker than you.

    11. When you're hangry.

    12. When you know you look good.

    13. When you need another drink and it's almost last call.

    14. When your BFF gets back together with their ex.

    15. When you watch Black Mirror for the first time.

    16. When you make eye contact with someone hot.

    17. And when you experience any minor inconvenience.

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