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Spiritual War

Is money the driving force in the metaphysical world?

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You might ask why I have titled this in this writing in this exact way. As we are all here on this spiritual journey whether we want to admit it or not. This is just how I see things boil down.

Some of us looking for help on this journey and some of us offering help.

Those offering that help are awesome and doing the work set out for them by the divine. Yet I feel they find themselves losing site on what it was they came here for and what they were trying to accomplish from the start of that journey.

So why the title once again? Those that are helping others in need find themselves at war with others helping. How is that you might ask. Well when we live in a society that is a dog eat dog world. All is considered competition. Clientele is so rather important it is what I feel gives that sort of high. Being able to use that gift to help others. Then the high is so consumed by the reward. Reward was to just be able to help. Now the reward is simply money.

This is where that war begins as now every client is simply a price. A dollar. A fill my pocket type gimick. Not what was the offering of a gift to help others find clarity anymore.

Never hey you should or I recommend you go see or talk to someone and so on for they are phenomenal with their abilities. They would work wonders for you. Never that. Why is it so important that spiritual work done by others is so consumed by the dollar and the fame of a name and public publicity has been replaced by the true colors of heavenly guided help.

Please feel free to add in your own experiences. Please feel free to write to this to add on to this bit of writing. I feel this is important for all to not only share but to hear as well. For we are all just that as one please allow ourselves to come together here again as one. Just like we did before on another plain

For now I leave you with this as this is to be continued…………….

With love and light

Anonymous writer for an Anonymous World

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