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Could EssexTV Be UK’s Answer To Netflix?

Could EssexTV fill the void of Netflix in the UK . . .

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The rise of digital television and VOD streaming has seen the growth of various companies across the world including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

This growth shows that there is an active market for viewers to be flexible as the content offering is always available for them to view as opposed to terrestrial television which has a set schedule and forces the viewer to plan their lives around it.

A new British digital television venture dubbed Essex-TV is set to take the industry by storm, the new digital platform was formed in early 2016 and is named after Essex a county in the UK, already boasting of a series of rich content the digital platform has covered an array of notable events including the 2016 Miss Great Britain Finals, V Festival, BSTK Festival and the BFI London Film Festival – their acquired content has boasted of web series, short films and feature films together blending in with their original shows such as Loose Lads a chat show for young males, Up North a drama based on couples living in the northern part of England.

The consortium backed venture, the brainchild of British philanthropist Matthew C. Martino has enjoyed early success including reported viewership of 100,000 viewers a week. This has led to the development of an IOS and Android App to serve the ever growing customer base and to offer them greater opportunities.

Martino of Essex told us “It is an exciting concept, everyone loves Essex and everyone loves what we are trying to do, we are trying to provide opportunities for rising stars and talent across the UK. The Essex TV brand stands for entertainment, current affairs and intelligent programming. I believe the British viewers want to have a good contrast of different programming to watch and this is a strategy we are now implementing to grow the brand’.

The trends are indicating that young people in particular spend a lot of time out and travelling which means that streaming services and digital platforms are going to continue to thrive in popularity however like Netflix has proved its about having the right content and the really on demand productions with the viewers will want to watch.

I guess time will tell how much of a dent Essex TV will do on the British public.

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