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I Asked My Mom Group To Describe Their Birth Story In A Single Gif

The responses were hilarious and all too true.

Lauratellsjokes 2 years ago

Four Curated Game Of Thrones Art Collections

Hand-picked art collections (through Etsy) perfect for any fan and any room. None of the art is made for GoT. Because no one likes a blank wall. Links to each Etsy original available in the link below each picture.

Lauratellsjokes 4 years ago

An Ode To 90's Dude Hair

Not all squares are rectangles, but most heartthrobs of the 90's had the mushroom cut.

Lauratellsjokes 5 years ago

Game Of Thrones Tattoos Are Coming

A compilation of the best Game of Thrones ink.

Lauratellsjokes 5 years ago