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    Meet Zoey And Jasper, A Rescue Dog And Baby Donning Matching Hats.

    Photographer Grace Chon confesses to having dressed her dogs in ridiculous clothes for years and turned into a baby-hat fanatic once she gave birth to her son Jasper. It wasn’t long before she realized that, not only do the hats look cute on her adorable child, but they looked pretty darn sweet on her shy rescue dog Zoey as well.

    The first in the series.

    The second in the series

    The third in the series

    The fourth in the series

    The fifth in the series

    The sixth in the series

    The seventh in the series

    The eight in the series

    The ninth in the series

    Grace is going to continue to shoot the two of them together as they age and I am looking forward to watching the progression. You should too, here on her tumblr site.

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