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    GAYTMs! / Via

    The ATM operator fees for non-ANZ cardholders from the 10 GAYTMs will go to the non-profit organization Twenty10 for the duration of the campaign.

    Installing The GAYTMs


    Ad agency Whybin\TBWA of Melbourne conceived of the idea for the bank chain, who has supported the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras as a sponsor and partner for the past 8 years.

    The GAYTMs even dispense Rainbow receipts

    The Rainbow Receipts


    The Rainbow receipts have the phrase 'cash out and proud' on the backside.

    The 'Hello Sailor' GAYTM

    The 'Drag It Up' GAYTM

    The 'Party People' GAYTM

    The 'Denim Darling' GAYTM


    The 'Equal Love' GAYTM

    The 'Pride' GAYTM

    The 'Go Wild' GAYTM

    The 'Pink Ink' GAYTM

    The 'Unicorm Dream' GAYTM

    Reaction to the GAYTMS

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Welcome screens on the GAYTMs have various messages / Via

    'Happy Mardi Gras', 'Cash out and Proud' and 'Hello Gorgeous' are various screens on the ANZ GAYTMs that greet you

    To learn more about this fun and supportive marketing effort, full creative credits and specific locations of the GAYTMs visit If It's Hip, It's Here

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