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    12 Reasons Warsaw Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

    Sure, the language is tricky, but falling in love with Poland's capital city is easy.

    This is Warsaw, your new favorite city.

    1. Fans of street art, you're in luck.

    2. There's also sculpture.

    3. Even the neon advertisments have a certain beauty to them.

    Neon signs were so popular in Warsaw during the Cold War era that they now have a museum to preserve older pieces.

    4. Get a taste of the current Polish art scene.

    5. You can eat your way through town.

    Try a different country's cuisine for lunch.

    Or indulge in a late-night snack.

    6. Maybe your goal is to hang out with a few friends over drinks. You have plenty options.

    Couple your drink with a poetry reading, art exhibit, experimental music show, or just a few gourmet snacks.

    7. Beer and fresh air? Don't mind if we do.

    Order like a local.

    8. Don't worry about your travel budget for a change.

    9. Catch a few concerts while you're in town and "discover" a new band.

    Rock out.

    Get contemplative.

    Or go retro with a twist.

    10. Get off the beaten path, see something that most tourists wont.

    Originally the space was a children's hospital.

    Many areas are still under construction.

    11. Get away without leaving town.

    12. Try trainspotting.

    The path meanders through some unusual sites.

    There are even still a few cars left sitting on the rails.

    What are you waiting for?