Kate McKinnon starred as Theresa May in a festive skit about a chaotic week in British politics.

Laura Silver • One day ago

The vote was triggered by MPs writing to the 1922 Committee amid dissatisfaction with May's proposed Brexit deal.

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The fire brigade pulled Max the cat out from inside the engine’s air filter, and now he’s sauntering around like nothing even happened.

Laura Silver • 5 days ago

MPs in the House of Commons are scheduled to vote on prime minister Theresa May's proposed withdrawal agreement with the EU on Tuesday.

Laura Silver • 7 days ago

Pro-Brexit party UKIP and anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson led a pro-Brexit march, while an anti-Brexit march took place simultaneously.

Laura Silver • 8 days ago

The French government will meet with opposition parties and protest leaders to curb violence, but stopped short of declaring a state of emergency.

Laura Silver • 14 days ago

French President Emmanuel Macron described the scene as "chaos."

Laura Silver • 15 days ago

Matt Hancock discussed the benefits of tech in the NHS in an interview that appeared as part of a series of health stories sponsored by Babylon.

Laura Silver • 19 days ago

"Most things like a small Lego head, you’ll poo it out and it’s not going to cause any problems," researchers told BuzzFeed News.

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The country’s president issued the pardon with immediate effect at a press conference in Abu Dhabi.

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Seven tombs containing cats and scarabs have been found at a site in Saqqara, near Cairo.

Laura Silver • One month ago

Michelle Baharier said she is “petrified” over a court battle with Southwark Council that could leave her with a bill she can’t pay.

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Royal icing indeed.

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Whitby Goth Weekend has been drawing huge crowds for two decades, but the arrival of new player Tomorrow's Ghosts is causing tension. Festivalgoers feel like they're being asked to choose a side.

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The Boeing 737 plane lost contact at 6:33 a.m., less than 15 minutes after leaving Indonesia's capital city Monday morning.

Michelle Broder Van Dyke • One month ago

An equal rights amendment to a new Northern Ireland bill could put Westminster under further pressure to reform the country's strict abortion law.

Laura Silver • One month ago

"Isn’t it time we treat women with a bit more respect?" Payne said.

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The fetuses were discovered at Perry Funeral Home on Trumbull Avenue, according to Detroit police.

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Exclusive: After being told her baby would not survive the pregnancy, one woman told BuzzFeed News of her emotional struggle to access abortion away from her home country.

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