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    18 Things You'll Understand If You Have To Work Bank Holidays

    FOMO for days.

    1. Getting up for work on a Monday that’s not even supposed to be a work Monday is a million times harder.

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    It’s scientifically proven. Probably.

    2. But traveling into work is ten times easier than usual.

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    3. You wish everyone else would stay off work every Monday if it’s going to make your commute this easy.

    4. You feel smug when everyone tweets about their post-bank holiday hangovers.

    Oh god someone help me😷 why do I think it's a good idea! #BankHolidayMonday #hangover #GiveMeStrength #NotMoving #BedDay


    5. You can buy a fancier-than-usual lunch, because treat yourself: it's a bank holiday.

    6. You hope for rain to ruin everyone else’s bank holiday.

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    7. If it does rain you feel mega smug about all the called-off picnics.

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    8. But shade to anyone who does manage to have a lovely time outside when you're in work.

    9. Because Bank Holiday FOMO is like weekend FOMO x 1000.

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    10. Your friends always seem to make the best plans when you’re working on a bank holiday.

    11. But if you are off on a bank holiday, they are obviously nowhere to be seen.

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    12. If you work in an office and you have to go in on a bank holiday, it’s quiet and amazing.

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    13. If you work in a pub, you’re secretly judging everyone who’s getting drunk on a Monday.

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    14. If you work in a restaurant, people definitely feel more sorry for you and you’ll get extra tips.

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    Pity and drunk people: an excellent combination for tipping.

    15. When everyone trudges back into work hungover and moaning on the Tuesday after a bank holiday you're all, NBD, just a normal week for me.

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    16. You feel off the hook about having to make any super-fun plans because you’re working ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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    17. Because there’s no pressure to have fun like bank holiday pressure to have fun.

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    18. But then when you get your day off and everyone's back at work, you Instagram your out-of-office fun like a motherfucker.

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