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    Elephants Dancing To Classical Music Is Too Cool

    Vibing with the violinist.

    While rehearsing for their forthcoming "musical nights", staff at Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium captured this wonderful footage of elephants swaying in time to violin music.

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    Nico Vanhee, a spokesperson for the zoo, told BuzzFeed News that a handful of artists came to see how different animals would react to music. "We were amazed at how the elephants were swinging their trunks in time with the music", he said.

    The violinists seen in the video are Jean-François Chamberlan and Anne Pingen, who Vanhee said are "very well-known members of Belgium's Royal Chamber Orchestra."

    But not all of the animals were quite so impressed. “The lions didn’t appreciate it,” Vanhee said, and “one monkey climbed on the instruments to stop the musician playing”.

    Elephants are highly intelligent animals, so Vanhee says that the zoo "expected some response, but not one this great."