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17 Things People Think Zayn Malik's Green Hair Looks Like

Dare dye your hair and the piss will get taken.

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1. Lots of people think he looks like a vegetable.

"Zayn dyed his hair green to look like a vegetable and so Naughty Boy can't eat him" #GreenHairDontCare 😂😂😂😂

2. So many peas.

3. He's the peas to Perrie's mash.


4. He's been likened to a lurid green highlighter.

"zayn isn't going to help you pass your exams" aRE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT #GreenHairDontCare

5. Is he more like a Turtle, or Shrek?

"ZAYN DYED HIS HAIR GREEN" What I see… #GreenHairDontCare But I still love Zayn.

6. Or how about a grow-your-own hair Shrek?


8. Some think green-haired Zayn should get in the bin.

9. Of course, there's been a comparison to Pepe.

11. "Zepe".


14. He looks a little like Beast Boy off Teen Titans.

15. And a little like lime-green Teletubbie, Dipsy.

16. But not as much as he looks like an Oompa Loompa.

17. His environmental message hasn't gone completely unnoticed, at least.