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Astronaut Tim Peake Phoned The Wrong Number From Space

"Hello, is this planet earth?"

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Astronaut Tim Peake has apologised to a woman on earth after he accidentally phoned the wrong number from space.

Peake, who is currently undertaking a six month mission on the International Space Station, tweeted that he wanted the lady he called by mistake to know it was not a prank call when she picked up the phone on Christmas Eve and heard, "hello, is this planet earth?"

It was "just a wrong number," he added.

I'd like to apologise to the lady I just called by mistake saying 'Hello, is this planet Earth?' - not a prank call...just a wrong number!

On Christmas morning, Peake fulfilled his promise to football fan Andy Rushton to fly the Stoke City FC flag in space.

Happy Christmas @jollyhappybore - you did it!! @SCFCSC @stokecity @BBCRadioStoke

Peake agreed to take a picture of the flag at the International Space Station after Rushton repeatedly tweeted his request to the astronaut earlier this year.

"I'm over the moon," Rushton told Stoke's The Sentinal at the time. "It has all been cracking stuff.

"I'm a huge fan of science fiction and I have found space fascinating, probably since I received my first telescope when I was younger.

"It will be one heck of a buzz to see the Stoke City flag in space and the support for the campaign has been brilliant."

On 15 December, Tim Peake became the second British person to travel to space after Helen Sharman made history as the first in 1991.

As he blasted off, well-wishers including fellow astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield gathered at London's science museum to wish him luck.

Tom Chivers BuzzFeed

"Tim, I'm there with you! Love it, on behalf of all of us down here."

Hadfield was on the International Space Station himself for six months to May 2013. You can see Chris playing David Bowie's "Space Oddity" while in free fall here.

Since arriving at the space station, Peake has been as British as one can be in space, eating bacon sandwiches and drinking tea.

Laura Silver is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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