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19 Reasons To Stop Shaving Your Legs

Long hair, don't care.

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1. Shaving cuts are the total worst.

War wounds (ԾεԾ|||) Swedish winter + newly shaved legs + generally dry skin + scratching dry skin = aouch.

2. No matter how long you've been shaving, it will never seem like less of a chore.

3. And let's not pretend that waxing is any better.

There's no way to dress up ripping hair out from the root as a good thing.


4. Plus, whichever way you manage to get your legs smooth, there's no avoiding dry skin.

I shaved my legs and now I'm all itchy #girlproblems #dryskin #ow 😡👎

Women are single-handedly keeping the coconut oil industry alive as a result.

6. You only seem to remember to shave your legs when they end up being covered up.

I shave my legs and then I want to wear jeans. I want to wear shorts and I haven't shaved my legs. I am all of my own problems.


10. Hairy legs keep you warm.

my legs felt so good after I shaved them, then I got cold chills😡

Because, duh, nature.


15. So hold up, women have happily had fuzzy shins for centuries and we're spending a shit load of time and money on smoothing ours?

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For what – because we want to look like pin-ups? Because we don't want to upset men? Because hair on women is disgusting or something?

17. So why should body hair be disgusting just because it's growing out of a woman?

18. Men have never had to concern themselves with this bullshit, so why should women?

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