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19 Times Taylor Swift Was Funnier Than You

Such a card. Especially around cats.

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1. When she got all Mariah on her cat.

2. Before she temporarily fell out with cats but Karlie was holding her back.

When I want to go looking for wild desert kittens but Karlie is busy 'reading' and 'studying for NYU'.

3. When she revealed her biggest style icon.

4. Or when she hilariously anticipated all the fashion press doing one of those not-so-hilarious 'OMG she's recycling her clothes' pieces.

Celebrities wear clothes twice too.


5. When she ran with a joke about her lyrics, and used it to spread <3.

Sending my love to all the lonely Starbucks lovers out there this Valentine's Day.....even though that is not the correct lyric.

6. And that other time she made a lol out of her lyrics for the love of fans.

7. When she and Haim were feeling #moody.

8. When she shook off nude picture leak threats.

Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack...


9. When she joked on behalf of her cat.

10. When she shared this policeman's sass with the world.


11. When she sniggered at these shoot outtakes.

12. When she had a go at being British.


13. When she amusingly deployed the #thirsty hashtag.

As my 25th birthday present from the media, I'd like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me. #thirsty

14. When it looked like she lifted her cat straight off Cheezburger.

15. When the look on her face royally took the piss out of her dad.

17. When she was a unicorn.

18. When she made weird cat noises on telly and the presenter looked really awkward.

A very informative video of me making the sounds my cats make when they fight. #NationalCatDay

19. But most of all, that day she was truly living the meme.

A+ comedy gold, Taylor 👏😂👏.