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    17 Fabulous And Extraordinary Costumes From Birmingham Pride

    Everyone had a gay old time.

    1. The fairy who was "just chilling" with her unicorn.

    2. This winged wonder.

    3. This spectacularly coiffed dude.

    4. These sky-high rainbows.

    5. The man who was so Money Supermarket.

    6. This leather-clad lad.

    7. These fairy queens.

    8. The man who wore sequins and feathers while also shopping for bog roll.

    9. This rainbow Jesus.

    10. These flamboyant mascots.

    11. The lady who came very prepared.

    12. This trio of divas.

    13. This Bollywood babe.

    14. The pair who showed their light and dark side.

    15. This spectacular Roman goddess.

    16. "Twiggy."

    17. And the dog that wiped the floor with them all.

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