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    Posted on Nov 1, 2015

    19 Pictures That Prove A Bin Bag Is The Greatest Halloween Costume Of All Time

    You can stick your sexy mouse.

    1. There was a time when the only Halloween costume anybody needed was a good old bin bag.

    2. And this year, plenty of people were happy to go back to basics with the simplest, cheapest costume of them all.

    3. All hail the humble bin bag.

    4. Who can be bothered with spending weeks making something OTT when there's a corner shop full of bin bags down the road?

    5. And let's not get started on sexy-not-even scary costumes.

    6. Because a simple bin bag just cannot be beaten for a quick last-minute costume.

    7. Everyone will be impressed with your DIY skills when you customise a bin bag.

    My bin bag outfit everyone🌝🌝 yes I made it myself😂😂

    8. The bin bag will easily lend itself to most costumes.

    The subtle autumnal sexuality of The Estate Agent and The Bin Bag.

    9. You can be a vampire in a bin bag.

    10. You can be a dead person.

    11. Or a creepy budget Batman.

    12. It works as a mask too.

    @TrevorsGFloor I just bought this from the binbag shop! Get it while it's hot!!!

    Just make sure you cut a face-hole in it.

    13. It makes a really good witch costume.

    14. Which witch wouldn't wear a bin bag?

    Bin bag witches #HappyHalloween @Naomi1

    15. You could hardly say a bin bag doesn't look scary.

    This is what happens when my 35 year old cousin dresses up as a bin bag and scares little kids Trick-or-Treating..

    16. If you spill booze on it, that's cool, it's wipe-clean.

    17. Just add a bit of face-paint and you're away!

    18. And best of all, when you're done with it...

    19. can just stick it in the bin.

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