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    16 Instagrams That Couldn't Give A Hoot About Your January Boasting

    Nobody likes a smug bastard.

    1. This pint throws shade at your coconut water.

    2. Chia what now?

    3. Your vapour-distilled water is cat wee to me.

    4. Slippers > trainers.

    5. Skiing can GTF.

    6. You can keep your tropical beaches.

    7. The thinking person's way to do the downward dog.

    8. "Juice detox".

    9. Your smoothie bowl breakfast isn't so smooth.

    10. Who are you trying to guilt into dry January?

    11. Dairy makes me feel zen.

    12. #grainfree

    13. Dreaming about the gym - it's the thought that counts.

    14. Things Organised Neatly is so 2012.

    15. Distressed DIY is cooler than cute Pinterest stuff anyway.

    16. Quinwhatever.

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