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    Maisie Williams Tells Girls They're "Unstoppable" In A Powerful Feminist Speech

    "It's time for society to stop telling girls what they should and shouldn't do."

    Last Night Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams said: "It's time for society to stop telling girls what they should and shouldn't do," in a speech at the Always #LikeAGirl Confidence Summit in New York.

    Williams urged girls to build their confidence, saying, "Fight for yours, grab it with both hands and hold it like the course of your future depends on it. Because it does."

    She concluded: "The world is desperate for leaders, male and female. It's not about gender, it's about purpose ... Fan your fire, move from your core, and be quick on your feet. Sharp in your mind, gentle in your heart. Be authentic. If you can do all that? Well then get ready for greatness. Chin up, chest out. You are unstoppable. Like a girl."

    The summit marked the launch of the latest video installment of the Always #LikeAGirl campaign, which has racked up over 2 million views in less than 48 hours.

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    In the video girls were told to write things they feel have held them back on a box that represents their limitations.

    They were then asked what they'd like to do to the box. "I'd like to kick it, or maybe explode it," one girl said.

    In a confidence and puberty survey conducted by Always, the details of which were emailed out in a press release, the company said it had found 66% of girls feel held back by society, which they believe dictates what they should and shouldn't do.

    The campaign aims to show young girls going through puberty – a time when confidence suffers – that they can achieve anything they want to.

    Women and girls have been using the hashtag #LikeAGirl on Twitter to disprove myths about their limitations.

    Here's my 7 yr old being herself #LikeAGirl Unstoppable! @JenWesthoven @Maisie_Williams @MorningExp @Always

    That moment when you lift the #WomensWorldCup trophy. #LikeAGirl #USWNT

    I have bigger arms than most guys #LikeAGirl

    #nerddad My 3 yr old daughter chose a @Marvel @Avengers umbrella over Dora, Barbie, & others. #LikeAGirl #epicwin

    The campaign serves as a welcome reminder to keep on fighting the good fight, #LikeAGirl.