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    Camping On Instagram Vs. Camping In Real Life

    So much rain.

    1. On Instagram camping in the clouds looks mystical and ethereal.

    Clouds ruin real life camping.

    2. Dawn breaking at your camp on Instagram.

    The horror of waking up camping IRL.

    3. On Instagram, putting your tent up seems all fun and games.

    In real life it's harder than deciphering subtweets.

    4. On Instagram lilos fit nicely inside your cosy little haven.

    In real life things can be a little messier.

    5. Old school tents on Instagram look retro and cool.

    In real life they're just a bit mediaeval.

    6. On Instagram, people drink great coffee, even in the wild.

    In real life camping coffee goes back to basics in a different way.

    7. A DIY hammock on Instagram.

    Trying to make your own hammock in real life.

    8. Leaving your tent open on Instagram is magical and rustic.

    In real life you were probably just too drunk to close it.

    9. You can cook anything outdoors on Instagram.

    In real life, cooking anything that involves more than heating water while camping can GTF.

    10. On Instagram, driving to your camping destination is a scenic dream, itself a lovely part of the holiday.

    In real life it takes up most of your holiday and is a congested, concrete nightmare.

    11. When a pro-Instagrammer roasts food on the fire, a whole salmon is NBD.

    In real life campfire cooking is inventive in a different way.

    12. Camp barbecues are so fancy on Instagram.

    They tend to be a bit more basic in real life.

    13. Instagram makes packing for a camping trip look like a cinch.

    14. In real life, not so much.

    15. On Instagram camping seems like a lovely way to spend your time.

    16. In real life it's shite.