22 Reasons Red Lipstick Is The Only Makeup You Ever Need


    1. Putting on red lipstick is an instant game-changer.

    2. No other makeup says "don't mess with me" quite like it.

    3. You feel like you could take over the world the second you put it on.

    Wearing all black clothes and red lipstick makes me feel powerful. 💋

    4. If you're hungover, or the rest of your makeup's a bit shit, red lipstick is an excellent distraction tactic.

    5. And speaking of distraction, it always makes your teeth look whiter.

    6. Even with no other makeup, red lipstick will make you look like you're bringing your beauty A game.

    7. It's all you need to look like you've made an effort even in DGAF jersey and jeans.

    8. Red lipstick is excellent for brightening up grey, wintery days.

    9. And when the sun's out, it's the only makeup you'd bother wearing poolside.

    10. Because red lipstick and massive sunglasses were made for each other.

    11. It looks great when you're smiling.

    12. And equally magnificent on a super-sad pout.

    13. Because red lipstick is the difference between 😭 and 😿.

    14. There's nothing quite like a fresh new tube...

    15. And you can never have too many different shades of red lipstick.

    16. It might make eating a bit tricky...

    17. ...but whatever, because dramatically re-applying is part of the fun.

    18. You can't help but pout like a pin-up the second it's on.

    19. And wearing it makes you feel like you've got your own personal wind machine.

    20. You're basically transformed into a bonafide film star the second you put it on.

    21. Red lipstick is more than just makeup. It's a way of life.

    Do your squats Eat your vegetables Wear red lipstick And don't let boys don't be mean to u

    22. MWAH 💋