Rainbows Are Forming Over Ireland After The Same-Sex Marriage Vote

    A yes vote from Mother Nature?

    When Ireland went to the polls to vote in the same-sex marriage referendum yesterday, something pretty magical happened.

    There's a big gay rainbow over Dublin, if that's not Jesus giving the Yes vote I don't know what is

    Along with the rainbow flags that flew in their masses to celebrate LGBT pride in Ireland, an actual rainbow appeared over Dublin, which many saw as very fitting.

    The Catholic country that it is, some Irish people were quick to suggest that this was Jesus casting his vote.

    Jesus shines his rainbow down on Dublin City this morning! #irelandreferendum #MarRef

    As the final votes were still being counted on Saturday morning, even more rainbows started to appear.

    Rainbow at the end of the canvass,last night North Dublin Suburbs #IrelandSaysYes #IrelandVoteYes #irelandreferendum

    The beautiful natural phenomenon couldn't have been more appropriate for this momentous day in Ireland's history.

    When you fly into Dublin and you see a rainbow you know you're home.

    It even made it onto the news.

    Nice work, Ireland. Nice work, Mother Nature.

    Somewhere.... over the rainBohs. 🌈Good morning equal Ireland. #footballforall #MarRef #MarriageEquality #Bohs