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19 Pubs In Leeds You Need To Visit Right Now

Ales all round.

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1. Whitelock's Ale House

Whitelocks Leeds / Via

It's the oldest pub in Leeds, having opened in 1715, and if they've been going that long, they must be doing something right. Expect local Yorkshire Ales, craft beers and plenty of hearty pub food, including a black pudding scotch egg, to soak it up.

2. The Midnight Bell

Perfect pint / Via

Leeds Brewery ales brewed on site, one of the biggest beer gardens in the city and one of the best vegetarian dishes we've seen on a pub menu in a while: Allotment pie - rich lentil and vegetable stew topped with mega cheesy and herby mash.

3. North Bar

The Beer Prole / Via

It might not have as many centuries on Leeds' pubs laying claim to the oldest title, but it can be credited for the first to bring trendy craft beers to the city as early as the 90s. They've still got one of the best selections in town, and they've also got a photobooth so you will inevitably create lasting memories of being pissed with your mates there.


7. The Cross Keys

Rumour Has It / Via

Its Sunday roast was a runner up for an Observer Food Monthly Award alongside the one at Heston Blumenthal's fancy pub in Bray, and if that's not a good reason to drop £11.50 on roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, then we don't know what is.

8. The Grove Inn

Blues in Leeds / Via

If you like live music with your beer, then head to The Grove Inn in Holbeck which hosts acoustic performers every night of the week, including The Grove Folk Club on a Friday night which has been going since 1962.


9. Tapped Leeds

Tapped Leeds / Via

If you're not so into your old-school real-ale, but like your beer artisanally brewed all the same, the the Leeds sister-pub to the equally worth visiting Euston Tap, Sheffield Tap and York Tap will be right up your street. This American-style brew pub (AKA the Brooklyn beardy kind) serves up to ten of its own craft beers as well as hundreds of bottled goodness from around the world.

10. Friends of Ham

Eating isn't cheating / Via

Although mostly known as a restaurant, Friends of Ham is just as worth dropping into for a beer as its brew menu is triple the length of that for food and features numerous beer gems from around the world and locally. Best of all, you can have a top quality charcuterie plate on the side.

11. The White Swan

The White Swan / Via

How many pubs do you know that do a Maths Jam? The White Swan offers 'puzzles with your pints', and the pints are pretty top quality, comprising of all sorts of northern and imported craft ales. There's a book club too, if you're less numerically inclined. Or of course you could just settle down for a pint and a pork pie.

12. Brew Dog

Digital News Room / Via

Leeds isn't short of a craft ale or two, but if you fancy knocking them back in a rowdier (but no less trad - it's in the iconic old White Cloth Hall) setting that your average Yorskshire ale pub, then Brew Dog is your man.


14. Arcadia

Arcadia / Via

Their website declares beer, beer and more beer, and as a member of the Market Town Tavern's Art of Pub Craft, that's exactly what you'll get. You'll find plenty of old favourite cask ales alongside a changing selection of more unusual craft ales which you can sample in multiples on a third of pint tasting paddle.

15. The Tetley bar and kitchen

Facebook / Via Facebook: TheTetleyLeeds

Where better to go for a beer than the revamped Tetley building - that of Tetley brewery fame? It's fancier than your average, so you'll find a choice selection of cocktails alongside bottled and draft ales. They're still beer inspired, mind. Try the Joshua Arthur Tetley, a fruity, hoppy rum concoction.


19. The Reliance

Leeds list / Via

The food at The Reliance might have a brilliant reputation, but as they say themselves, they are 'at heart an informal pub'. A lengthy list of obscure and favourite draft and bottled beer proves it, and since they cure their own charcuterie, it'd be rude not to have a plate of that while you're at it.