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    People Are Replacing Pictures Of Donald Trump With Penguins

    It totally works, tbh.

    Hello and welcome to today's installment of "can satire can ever be weirder than real life?" in which Armando Iannucci — the UK's foremost political satirist and the man behind Veep, In the Loop, and The Thick of It — challenged Twitter to replace Donald Trump with penguins in photos, suggesting that the images would still make sense.

    Proposal: If you take any piece of footage of Trump in a White House meeting, and replaced Trump with a penguin, the expressions on the faces of everyone else in the room would still work. Twitter, let’s see what you can do.

    And boy, did Twitter deliver.

    @Aiannucci Like this? #TrumpReplacedByPenguin

    Because in a time when a picture of Kim Kardashian next to a grinning Trump during their meeting about prison reform is a real thing, is it any weirder when it contains a penguin? No. No it isn't.

    Looks legit.

    Sure, why not?

    Totally believable.

    @Aiannucci #replaceTrumpwithapenguin

    The penguin is honestly not the most alarming part of this picture.

    That IS how you'd look at a penguin giving a speech tbf.

    @Aiannucci This almost makes him seem too likable.


    @Aiannucci Not a Whitehouse meeting, but..... #ReplaceTrumpWithAPenguin


    Trump as a penguin.

    @Aiannucci They love it when he signs the executive orders #TrumpReplacedByPenguin #TrumPenguin

    Nothing to see here.

    Will this do? @Aiannucci #TrumpReplacedByPenguin

    And it still probably won't be the weirdest news to come out of today.

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