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    31 Reasons To Avoid South London

    South of the river, nice? Pull the other one.

    1. Heading south over the River Thames is a dull and arduous experience.

    Tomassereda / Getty Images

    2. All of London's best architecture is north of the river, where it belongs.

    William87 / Getty Images

    3. Seriously, all the buildings on the south side are just grey and suburban.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    The painted hall in the Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

    4. The views are shite too.

    Allinvisuality / Getty Images

    Canary Wharf from Greenwich Observatory.

    5. Come on, how are you going to see a good skyline from all the way over there?

    Flickr: eregis / Via Creative Commons

    View from One Tree Hill, Honor Oak Park.

    6. Sure, there are loads of parks, but they're all just ratty old commons and greens.

    Royal Parks / Via

    The Rose Garden at Greenwich Park.

    7. Why would you bother with anywhere other than Hyde Park if you want nice green space in London?

    Flickr: brize / Via Creative Commons

    Brockwell Park.

    8. Good luck trying to find decent food in south London.

    Chris Pople / Via

    Braised lamb shoulder ragu at Artusi, Peckham.

    9. It's all just crappy takeaways down there anyway, isn't it?

    Flickr: jphussey / Via Creative Commons

    Franco Manca, Brixton Market.

    10. You certainly wouldn't want to eat anything from a chicken shop in south London.

    Helen Graves / Via

    Jerk chicken from JB's Soul Foods.

    11. You'll probably end up having to plump for some old sandwich from Londis.

    Flickr: blackbeltjones / Via Creative Commons

    Street food at Brockley Market.

    12. The pubs are all like something off Only Fools and Horses.

    The Ship / Via

    13. Nope, absolutely nowhere to get a good pint in south London.

    Jo Crawford / Via

    Brick Brewery, Peckham.

    14. Especially in the summer.

    Flickr: philgyford / Via Creative Commons

    Frank's Campari Bar, Peckham.

    15. The only animals you'll find are stupid foxes.


    Dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park.

    16. Suppose you might see a few pigeons or something.

    Flickr: russelljsmith / Via Creative Commons

    The infamous stuffed walrus at the Horniman Museum, Forest Hill.

    17. It's so bleak and depressing in the urban sprawl of south London.

    Flickr: aburt / Via Creative Commons

    Dulwich Village.

    18. Nothing of note ever happens there.

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    Centre Court at Wimbledon.

    19. It's something of a dead zone when it comes to sport.

    Dan Mullan / Getty Images

    Oval cricket ground.

    20. And as for music, pfft, you'll be lucky.

    Flickr: geshmally / Via Creative Commons

    Brixton Academy.

    21. There's never anything interesting going on.

    Flickr: davearquati / Via Creative Commons.

    Jousting at Lambeth Country Show.

    22. If you want to see art then you'd better look elsewhere.

    Flickr: markdodds / Via Creative Commons

    Dulwich Picture Gallery.

    23. You certainly won't see it in the street.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    Murals in Brockley.

    24. The streets are just a bit dull and lifeless, really.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    The Prince Regent, Herne Hill.

    25. Forget finding a museum that has anything worth seeing.

    Flickr: diamond_days / Via Creative Commons

    Taxidermy dog heads at the Horniman.

    26. The museums in south London are just a bit plain and boring anyway.

    Flickr: squirmelia / Via Creative Commons

    Entrance to the Horniman, Forest Hill.

    27. They're little more than old, grey piles of bricks.

    Flickr: benbawden / Via Creative Commons

    The conservatory at the Horniman.

    28. You're better off just staying indoors if you ever have to go to south London.

    Flickr: seanjamescameron / Via Creative Commons

    Peckham Rye Park.

    29. Go on, stay north of the river, where everything's much nicer.

    Flickr: 12495774@N02 / Via Creative Commons

    Sunset in south London.

    30. Absolutely nothing to see down south.

    Flickr: duncanh1 / Via Creative Commons

    31. Definitely not the best bit of London at all.

    Flickr: berylm / Via Creative Commons

    Sunset in South Merton.

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