Everybody Hates Mark From Match.com

    What kind of prick never has their travelcard ready?

    This is Mark. Mark never has his travelcard ready.

    As a result, a lot of people seem to think Mark is a prick.

    No wonder he's single, with bonafide prick behaviour like holding up the ticket barriers on the busy London Underground.

    Just saw a https://t.co/64iX4lZ7zp advert 'Mark never has his travel card ready' No wonder he's single. Prick.

    Mark is part of dating website Match.com's "Love Your Imperfections" campaign.

    Posters on the London Underground aim to encourage single people to embrace their quirks that have so far kept love at bay.

    Another of the campaign's stars, Hannah, for example, can't help but titter at the word "cockfosters", the silly soul.

    But nobody wants to embrace the kind of imperfection that is also known as being a selfish arsehole.

    Mark is going to be single for a very looooong time #match.com

    You can't win love by holding people back, Mark.

    @EvanEdinger Mark, you had one fucking job, now you're holding up the entire queue, don't go on Match .com Mark No one will ever love you

    A Match.com spokesperson posing as Mark, tried to defend this travel dick-move.

    "I admit it. I never have my travelcard ready on the tube. That is my confession. I estimate that it takes me no more than 20 seconds to find my card," they wrote.

    What an absolute monster.

    Look, Charlotte may be a sweet simpleton but Mark is a MONSTER.

    Deeper they dug, asking "20 seconds! Is that really such a life changing amount of time?"

    Yes, Mark. 20 seconds is a really fucking long time. Far longer than anyone would spend looking at the dating profile of the kind of selfish twat who probably stands on the left hand side of the escalator too.

    Mark deserves to die alone.

    There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for you being single and needing https://t.co/1IPhi5BkJ8 Mark.

    "I daydream a little every now and then," he claimed.

    "Does my occasional failure to pay attention at the barrier really make me a bad person?"

    Yes, yes it does.

    What else don't you pay attention to? Birthdays? The emotional needs of others?

    Why ARE you single, Mark?

    One man had a shred of sympathy for Mark's abominable moves.

    Je suis https://t.co/pDT5XRFIOb Mark

    But most people just think he needs to get his shit together.

    Get your shit together Mark, aint nobody got time for you. #loveyourimperfections #victorialine

    Or that he's an annoying twat.

    Mark is an annoying twat. #loveyourimperfections

    Or a cunt.

    What a fucking nightmare.

    NO MARK, you're a fucking nightmare #loveyourimperfections