Look At All These Cute Children Dressed Up For World Book Day

And a dog.

1. This boy dressed as Katniss from The Hunger Games because he’s as much of a badass as she is.

2. Check out mini Johnny Vegas as an excellent Dark Lord orc.

3. The cutest of fictional BFFs.

4. IRL Hermione and Harry have cast a spell to melt your heart with cuteness.

5. And then something went BUMP! How that bump made us jump!

It was your heart thumping with CUTENESS.

6. Cruella de CUTE. S/O to the angry Dalmatian too.

This kid is totally my spirit animal. Happy #WorldBookDay!

— Leilah Skelton (@Leilah_Makes)

7. “Checking in to camp” cute.

@RealMGHarris @camphalfblood it was a close call between books!But we already had the tshirt!#Annabeth #WorldBookDay

— Emma Milser (@EmmaEmmamilser)

8. Put this in yer pipes and smoke it, kids with less cool costumes.

@davidwalliams My very own Awful Auntie!! Wagner was our half term project. #WorldBookDay


9. S’up.

#WorldBookDay #ScorchTrials @kScodders there's a Crank in the house!

— Sue O'Keeffe (@scoobyok)

10. This kid’s going to have a WHALE of a time at school today.

@i_am_mill_i_am He pledged it, we read (an abridged version) of it #readingdangerously #WorldBookDay

— Paul Wright (@paul_wright68)

11. Spot the difference.

Compare and contrast #WorldBookDay

— Guy Adams (@guyadams)

12. The most joyful Red Riding Hood going.

@bigjigstoys #WorldBookDay Little Red Riding Hood .my daughter looks happy in it :))

— Princess (@MylittleponyY31)

13. OMG this Very Hungry Caterpillar baby

@WorldBookDayUK #WorldBookDay

— Claire Marie Cameron (@clairemariecam)

14. OMG this Cat in the Hat baby!!

The best Cat in the hat #WorldBookDay

— sid. (@daisysid)

15. All the clues point to adults losing it with “Ahhhhhhhhs” here.

@actionforchildr @WorldEricCarle #GiantWiggle #WorldBookDay

— Shane Rae FRSA (@shane_r)

16. Smashing it for literary diversity.

10-year-old Artie is smashing #WorldBookDay as #DavidWalliams 'Boy in the Dress' .. #WeNeedDiverseBooks

— Tech it FWD (@Tech_FWD)

17. “I hate you for not letting me dress as a shark, parent.”

Elementary my dear Watson #WorldBookDay

— Clive Stephenson (@CyprusWebDesign)

18. “Thanks for ruining our childhoods, Dad.”

#WorldBookDay Forgot they had to be in costume, so they're going to school as pages 89 & 165 of the Argos catalogue

— joe heenan (@joeheenan)

19. The least inconspicuous, but sweetest disguise.

Where's Joanna? #WorldBookDay in the Ransome household this morning.

— Jeremy Ransome (@lfpeditor)

20. As precious as the Ring itself.

Getting ready for #WorldBookDay snapchats!

— Mrs Noggin (@KatNoggin)


@ransomriggs Movie Claire Densmore @raffichapman as Miss Peregrine #WorldBookDay @CBGActors

— Dom Chapman (@chapman_)

22. Guaranteed to melt your heart like chocolate in a hot car.

@MENnewsdesk #WorldBookDay Lewis age 5 dress as a... well, can you guess???

— Chris Caudwell (@DirkDigglerJnr)

23. The Dog, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Happy #WorldBookDay everyone! Can you guess what character Radley is dressed as?

— Canine Partners (@canine_partners)

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