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    21 Scandinavian Foods You Need To Try Now

    As Stockholm restaurant, GRO, pops up at London's Carousel, chef, Henrik Norén, shares his favourite Scandinavian dishes.

    1. Semla

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    "A bun flavored with cardamom and filled with almond and whipped cream. You can only get it during fast before Easter. Traditionally only served on Tuesdays which why it's also called 'Fatty Tuesday bun'. If you're hardcore you eat it in a bowl with hot milk".


    2. Kroppkakor

    3. Veal in dill

    4. Crispy waffles with cloudberries and whipped cream

    5. Breaded, butter fried herring with potato purė and lingonberries

    6. Crayfish with beer and dill flowers

    7. Gravlax

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    "Gravlax basically means 'grave salmon'. It's cured with salt and sugar and served raw in slices with sweet mustard sauce or creamed potatoes with dill. A few thin slices are enough and the special 'grav' curing makes it really good".


    8. Meatballs in cream sauce, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingonberries

    9. Smørrebrød

    10. Raggmunk

    11. Cardamom rolls

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    "Like cinnamon rolls but made with a lot of cardamom, which is used a lot in Swedish pastry".


    12. Pickled herring

    13. Kalops

    14. Pork shank

    15. Kåldolmar

    16. Souvas

    17. Filmjölk

    18. Tunnbrödrulle

    19. Ostkaka

    20. Ärtsoppa

    21. Isterband

    Eat Henrik Norén and Magnus Villnow's cooking at GRO's London pop-up at Carousel from the 13-24 January.