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    Someone Made A Life-Size Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Out Of Cake And Just Wow

    Royal icing indeed.

    Do you know what the world needs more of? Giant, human-sized cakes.

    Aaron Chown / PA Wire / PA Images

    And if you’re going to make a human-cake, why the eff not make those people Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? And drape Prince Harry in a Union Jack cloak?

    Aaron Chown / PA Wire / PA Images

    This cake was made by 32-year-old Lara Mason for the Cake International show, which is held annually at the NEC in Birmingham.

    It took Mason 250 hours to make this royal-themed sugar spectacular, which is composed of chocolate cake and fondant icing.

    It weighs 20st. That’s the same as 41,144 tea bags.

    There are 300 eggs and 7st of icing in Harry and Meghan. Meghan even has a small bump, following the announcement of her pregnancy.

    Aaron Chown / PA Wire / PA Images

    “Every year, I enter the Cake International competition and this year they said they wanted me to create something that will be an official showpiece,” Mason told the Express. “It’s the biggest cake I’ve ever done.”

    Young Harry also made an appearance. Another baker fashioned him, his brother William, and late mother Princess Diana out of cake.

    Aaron Chown / PA Wire / PA Images

    Someone else made a cute lil’ Queen.

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    But the real star is Barry Chuckle, the beloved children’s entertainer who died earlier this year.

    Aaron Chown / PA Wire / PA Images

    BONUS PIC: War Horse cake.

    Aaron Chown / PA Wire / PA Images

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