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17 Things You Need To Eat In Leeds Right Now

The meat capital of Yorkshire.

1. Cheese and charcuterie at Friends of Ham

2. Chilli-cheese dog at Dogtown

3. The Yorkshire Blue at Kerb Edge Burgers

4. Salted caramel chocolate brownies at the Madeleine Express

5. Whole Yorkshire pigeon at The Reliance

6. £5 pie, peas and a pint at North Bar

7. A Dead Hippie at Meat Liquor Leeds

8. Shawarma at Cafe Moor

9. Roast pork at Maxi's Rotisserie

10. Brunch at Hepworth's Deli

11. A deli platter at Veritas Leeds

12. Beef ribs at Crowder Barbecue

13. Pork pies and pickles from Kirkstall Deli Market

14. The triple nom at Almost Famous Leeds

15. Monster Munch and emmental burger at Nation of Shopkeepers

16. Veggie Indian street food at Bundobust

17. Home-cured gravlax at Kendalls Bistro