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17 Things You Need To Eat In Leeds Right Now

The meat capital of Yorkshire.

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1. Cheese and charcuterie at Friends of Ham

Facebook / Via Facebook: friendsofham

Cured meats galore, a huge selection of cheeses from the super-stinky stilton to creamy Wensleydale, served with fruit cake, since you're in Yorkshire. Best of all, there's more craft beers to wash it all down with than you could shake a hand-crafted artisan stick at in this cool, cosy bar.

2. Chilli-cheese dog at Dogtown

Facebook / Via Facebook: dogtownhotdogco

Dogtown started life at street food festivals in London and is now serving dogs up north at Leeds's Trinity Kitchen. They claim their chilli-cheese dog, 'pork or beef frank topped with our rare-breed beef and bone-marrow chilli. Served with sour-cream and coriander in a steamed, pillowy bun', is a world-beater, and we wouldn't argue with them.

4. Salted caramel chocolate brownies at the Madeleine Express

Noisette Bakehouse / Via

The pop-up project of Young British Foodie finalist, Noisette Bakehouse, regularly serves up this rich treat at Trinity Kitchen and around Yorkshire. Find out when they'll be on twitter.


5. Whole Yorkshire pigeon at The Reliance

The Reliance / Via

A real star of the rustic, meaty menu in a setting that's laid back enough to let you pull off its legs and chew at the bones. If this gem is off the ever changing menu, you couldn't do better than ordering a plate of their home-produced charcuterie.

6. £5 pie, peas and a pint at North Bar

Instagram / Via

Sure, you're there for North Bar's phenomenal selection of craft beer, but you'll need something to soak it up, so when in Rome...

7. A Dead Hippie at Meat Liquor Leeds

Instagram / Via Instagram: @meatgram

The burger kings that started life in a Peckham food truck have taken their meat treats to Trinity Kitchen in Leeds so the good folk up north can enjoy them too. Everyone knows the Dead Hippie is their best burger, so get that and wash it down with a Yorkshire Tea cocktail. They tell us it's strong.