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    Just A Load Of Tweets Anticipating Football's Return To England

    It's coming home.

    1. It's coming home.

    2. It's coming home.

    3. It's coming...

    4. Football's coming home.

    5. It's coming home.

    I don't want to overreact because I know it's only Panama, but I think England are the greatest team of all time, Gareth Southgate is the greatest manager of all time and England are going to win 18 back-to-back World Cups. ITS COMING HOME!!! #ENG #ENGPAN

    6. It's coming home.

    7. It's coming...

    Huge rumours that it’s coming home #ENGPAN

    8. Football's coming home.

    5-0. If you don’t think it’s coming home. You should go home yourself. And then the World Cup will meet you there, because it’s coming home. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏆

    9. It's coming home.

    Look at all the #ENG fans celebrating beating Panama MINNOWS, haha. Wait until you're up against the big boys. Oh, it's coming home alright. YOU'LL be coming home, with FUCK ALL! Hahaha! I AM SCOTTISH. CALL ME A CUNT AND YOU'LL BE BLOCKED! #EnglandvPanama #England

    10. It's coming home.

    11. It's coming...

    John Stones for the golden boot, getting “it’s coming home” tattooed on my forehead as we speak

    12. Football's coming home.


    13. It's coming home.

    Other English fans during season: “Liverpool may have beat Moscow and Maribor by 7 goals but they haven’t played anybody decent yet wait till they get out the group” The very same fans after England beat Tunisia and Panama in the group: “we can win this it’s coming home”

    14. It's coming home.

    If you don’t think it’s coming home then frankly you’re unpatriotic traitor.

    15. It's coming...

    your mcm doesn’t think it’s coming home

    16. Football's coming home.

    Wait till we play a team with a proper attacking threat then we'll see if its coming home...