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    24 Dana Scully Faces To Shut Down Unsolicited Men’s Opinions

    A blank stare to ~opinions~ is like salt to a slug.

    1. When you see his opinions coming at you, and you're powerless the stop them.

    2. When he gets stomach ache from a bad kebab and now totally understands how painful periods must be.

    3. When he offers you his controversial theory on the gender pay-gap.

    4. When said theory has more holes than Swiss cheese.

    5. When he explains his really extreme new fitness routine to you in minute detail. You didn't ask him to.

    BRB, running a 10k while you finish.

    6. When he tells you that there's no way he could be considered sexist now he's so into drinking rosé.

    7. When he interrupts you to explain what you were already saying.

    8. When he explains what you just said back to you like he came up with it himself.

    9. When he says we should have International Men's Day if we have International Women's Day

    10. When he tells you about "the problem with feminism".

    11. When he tells you that craft beer is kind of his "thing".

    12. And that he mainly likes to drink it in dive bars.

    13. When he just has to tell you about this really cool band that you probably won't have heard of.

    And you already have all of their records.

    14. When he tells you that Nickelback are actually kind of misunderstood.

    15. When he talks about how women on dating sites are really just too picky.

    16. When he insists that it's not harassment if he's just paying a pretty girl a compliment.

    17. When he proudly says he'd probably fancy Miley Cyrus more if she kept her clothes on.

    Ditto Rihanna.

    18. When he tells you how much he prefers women without make-up.

    19. When he says he doesn't really like it when women swear.

    20. When he repeats your joke to the lads five minutes after you made it and gets a bigger laugh.

    21. When he finishes his lament on a subject you know well with, "you should probably look into that."

    22. When he tells you he finds your confidence "cute".


    23. When he thinks it's great that you're so outspoken.

    24. When it feels like nothing ever changes...

    when it's been 20 years and you're still fed up of listening to men