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There's A Sex Toy For Foot Fetishists Called The Vajankle

"These quirky feet have a vagina built right in at the ankle!" NSFW, obviously.

Foot fetishists rejoice - your dreams have come true in the form of the "Vajankle".

The California silicon model specialist prides itself on 'realism and attention to detail you wont find anywhere else', and these fuckable feet are nothing if not detailed.

Sinthetics' commitment to diversity doesn't just extend to niche fetishes - you can choose your sexy foot in one of thirteen skintones too, from "cream" to "espresso", with the delectable sounding "chai", "honey" and "toffee" in between.

You can even choose whether to have the toenails painted cherry red, with a tasteful French pedicure, or even a custom finish - sexy spelled out in nail art jewels, perhaps, if glamour's your thing.

"The typical toenails are the French pedicure, with Cherry toenails being the next most popular", Sinthetics told us, "but people do get more daring and we’ve recently had requests for turquoise, black, navy blue, dark purple, and cute art nails".

You can wankle with the Vajankle for just $179 (£118), and can be bought individually or as a pair of feet.

H/T Metro.