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    24 Times The Beckhams Were Britain's Real Royal Family

    That's why they called Victoria "Posh Spice".

    1. When David Beckham melted even hearts of stone wishing happy 4th birthday to Harper this week.

    2. When Victoria reminded us who Britain's real Royal family are with this group shot.

    4. When Victoria gave a shout-out to Dave's sister's new business.

    5. When Victoria and Harper looked like they'd joined Yves Saint Laurent's 70s Marrakech squad in matching kaftans.

    6. And when they looked like a pair of fashion badasses out shopping.

    7. When Brooklyn rooted around in the family album and resisted taking the piss.

    8. When they all turned up to Victoria's show at New York Fashion Week.

    9. When Cruz threw this pro pose at the camera.

    10. When Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz were the coolest bros on the front row.

    11. When VB shamed Brooklyn for being a textbook lazy teenager.

    12. And when David Beckham delivered this sick burn to Brooklyn.

    13. When they messed about with their food.

    14. When Brooklyn was a devoted son.

    15. When the Beckhams became "Team Romeo" to support him in a marathon.

    16. When they took a family trip to a Jay Z and Beyonce show like NBD.

    17. When Harper became an honourary member of the women's England team, weeks ahead of Princess Charlotte 💅

    18. When David took mama Beckham to the tennis.

    19. When the honourary members of their family included ELTON JOHN.

    20. When the lads went fishing in their special fishing hats.

    21. When Harper took advantage of her dad's hangover.

    22. When Brooklyn wished his dad happy birthday by growing balloons out of his head.

    23. When Victoria predicted just what a glam mum she would be in Spiceworld.

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    24. When they looked like the happiest famous family of them all.

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