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16 Smug January Instagrams That Can Do One


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2. Dry January boasts

Dryer than the act itself.

3. "Teatox"

End to this sub-genre of dry January boast now.

5. About-to-run trainer feet

6. Impossibly exotic holidays

Especially when it's raining outside.

7. Skiers can smug off too.

8. Idyllic looking scenes from running apps

A mash-up of the holiday and fitness boast.

9. New year DIY projects

Some of us are still using our Saturday mornings for snoozing, thanks.

10. Juices and smoothies

Especially if they're in jars.

11. Any aspirational blending, for that matter.

12. Supplement swag

Valencia can't save this one.

13. "Buddah bowls"

Shade to the vegetable organising, fresh from LA.

14. Artfully arranged fruit

Does fiddling with your food help you lose weight because you end up not being able to face eating it?

15. Premature boasts about marathon training

Shut it until you've hit ten miles.

16. Motivational phrases

Get up and go to work is quite enough for January, thanks.