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    Prince Charles Almost Got Attacked By An Eagle And A Beautiful Meme Was Born

    That eagle is the least of your troubles now, Charlie.

    Prince Charles had a bit of a run-in with a bald eagle at Sandringham Flower Show on Wednesday.

    The Poke recognised the golden meme opportunity that His Royal Highness's disgruntled face gave us, and egged people on with the hashtag #PrinceCharlesBeingAttackedByThings.

    Here's what happened when Prince Charles was attacked by an eagle. Over to you. #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings

    And the people, they delivered...

    Drake had a pop at the displeased Prince.

    We took a shot at the #PrinceCharlesBeingAttackedByThings. In this case, @Drake's diss track

    Charles looked upset at many things.

    Sorry forgot the hashtag! #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings #foodbabeway

    @thepoke BAH GAWD, HE HAS A FAMILY! #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings

    Mitchell Johnson. #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings @ThePoke #bbccricket @bbctms

    Nobody wants to see that much of Borat, tbf.

    "Very nice!" #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings @ThePoke

    Charles felt Scarlett Johansson's pain.

    #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings @ThePoke too much?

    Things got political.

    Thought I'd join #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings fun by @ThePoke by putting him in the ring with @BorisJohnson

    Another righteous government blow to the benefits scroungers. #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings @ThePoke

    John Prescott: Man of the people. #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings @ThePoke

    Oh no! Looks like George Osborne is off his tits again #PrinceCharlesBeingAttackedByThings @ThePoke

    Charles is apparently not a fan of Soleros.

    @ThePoke Alex Salmond's Solero #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings

    Camilla didn't look too wild about the whole affair either, especially when sharks got involved.

    @ThePoke #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings

    Charles mightn't like Kim, but that soldier's into her.

    And then the inevitable happened, as memes formed within memes.

    JUST... DO IT! #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings @ThePoke

    Finally, Charles understood what that little girl was thinking.

    @thepoke The inevitable #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings

    God save the meme.