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The Queen Wore GREEN For Her 90th Birthday Parade

A shade some have likened to text messages and lizards.

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The royal family, including the Queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, were paraded through central London on Saturday as part of the monarch's 90th birthday celebrations.

It was really rather green.

The Queen at #TroopingtheColour in an outfit some might say was dayglo green

Not just green, but GREEN, you might say.

Dresser: Have you had any thoughts about col... Queen: GREEN Dresser: Pastel, mint, oli.. Queen: GREEN. #TroopingtheColour


Or if you want to get particular about this, she was decked out in #75e41b.

The Queen is wearing #75e41b according to #Chroma, @softpress

That's "text message green" to you and I.

The Queen wearing Apple Text Message Green to celebrate her birthday. #TroopingTheColour

Some people loved the look.

I love the Queen for wearing this outfit on her birthday. #Queenat90 #sobright


While some people, well...

The queen is wearing green out fit at the parade rite now a tribute to the lizards @davidicke #lizards #illuminati

Green Hornet in uncomfortable accord with General Zod en route to a peace conference that neither believes can last.

But if you're the Queen, and it's your birthday, and you've got your own damn parade for the occasion, you prob DGAF.