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Should You Dump Your Partner?

Find out if you’ve seen the signs you should be calling time on your relationship.

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  1. 1. Check all the niggling feelings that are eating away at your happiness.

    You feel like you should plan some more dinners with friends.
    Or maybe have a party.
    You’ve recently renewed your gym membership.
    It’s good to get in shape – you’re totally doing it for yourself, anyway.
    You’re considering a new haircut.
    A cute one.
    The way your partner squeezes the tube of toothpaste from the middle is really starting to grate on you.
    You really don’t understand why they put dishes in the dishwasher without rinsing them.
    Their knuckle cracking suddenly seems pretty irritating too.
    You were lying when you said you didn’t care that sometimes they listen to Nickelback.
    What kind of person seriously listens to Nickelback?
    Actually it’s not OK that they went on ahead to the next episode of House of Cards when you were out.
    You do mind if their parents come for lunch again this month, as it happens.
    You would totally support them going to visit their parents instead though.
    For the whole weekend, sure!
    You’re busy that weekend and can’t come too.
    Those tracksuit bottoms they wear around the house are starting to repulse you.
    That is so not the same as all the time you spend watching New Girl in your dressing gown.
    You’re sure you’ve never liked them in that horrible shirt. Why do they seem to insist on wearing all the time?
    You did not encourage them to buy it!
    You’re feeling strangely envious of your single friends’ bad dating stories.
    Tinder actually sounds kind of fun. If you were single, obviously.
    You’ve a nagging bad feeling about RSVPing for both of you for your friend’s wedding in six months.
    Maybe just because they got pissed and vommed near the bride at the last one you went to.
    You find yourself staying for ‘just one more, then’ at work drinks more than you used to.
    Actually seven more.
    You don’t bother to text your partner where you are though. They're not the boss of you!
    You keep finding they’ve also spontaneously gone out when you get home anyway.
    Watching rom-coms in the bath is your favourite thing to do right now.
    Although rom-coms are bullshit, whatevs.
    Forgetting the wine they were supposed to pick up for dinner was definitely about more than ‘forgetting’.
    If they’re not going to make the effort to give this ‘date night’ thing a go then why should you?
    You’re thinking of booking a trip away somewhere.
    PJ Harvey’s ‘Big Exit’ has suddenly become your most played song on Spotify.
    You spent an hour last night ‘hypothetically’ wondering which of your Facebook pictures you’d use on Tinder.
    You're so impressed at how many hot pictures you have, actually!
    It would seem like such a shame to have to move out of your flat if you split up.
    You really can’t face the idea of living with housemates again.
    You’re wondering if they’d find out if you snogged that person you fancy at work.
    You wonder if they’d care.
    Your mum will KILL you if you break-up with someone again.
    Maybe your mum should go out with them if she's that bothered, then!
    You wonder if perhaps you rushed into things moving in together so soon.
    You think you might just be different people to who you were when you met.
    Do you even want the same things anyway?
    You don’t think it is worth re-assessing in six months, actually.
    You are totally keeping custody of the cat.

Should You Dump Your Partner?

You guys are here to stay! Everything about your relationship is totally badass and you couldn't be happier. You're like Rachel and Ross without the 'on a break' bit.

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You guys are here to stay! Sure, your partner has a couple of annoying habits, but NBD, because everything else about them is completely badass. There's nobody you'd rather give your last Rolo to.

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Better get your Tinder profile set up because you're about to issue your partner with a pass to the heartbreak hotel. No expiration date. Whatever, you don't need them anyway. Being single rules.

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