A Bus Just Exploded For A Film Stunt In The Middle Of London

    "Just another day on the river..." a London Fire Brigade Twitter account said.

    As part of some planned filming, a controlled explosion of a bus took place on Lambeth Bridge in central London on Sunday.

    Standing by during filming on Lambeth Bridge...

    The London Fire Brigade in Lambeth, who shared pictures as they stood by to monitor the incident, seemed remarkably chill about the whole affair.

    "Just another day on the river..." they tweeted with a video of a massive fiery bus just cruising across the bridge.

    Nothing to see here, just a little bit of movie filming.

    The film being shot is thought to be The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

    People were unsurprisingly a little confused.

    @se1 fairly worrying robe woken up to an explosion and my first blurry eyed vision is this on Lambeth bridge!!

    Genuine trigger warning for anyone seeing a video tweet about Lambeth fire brigade and a bus on a bridge. It blows up. It is fake.

    Huge explosion saw bodies scattered all over the place, making a MOVIE right outside my flat #lambethbridge

    Blown up bus on Lambeth bridge 😱 so I assume it's terrorists but no it's filming for the new #jackiechan movie. 👀

    But of course, it was all just for a film.

    Anyone worried about the exploding bus on Lambeth Bridge just now? It was just for a movie.

    This is the aftermath of a London bus being blown up for a film shoot today. Lambeth Bridge remains closed.

    While some advance information about the planned explosion was shared locally...

    Lambeth Bridge shut for filming tomorrow morning. Beware of controlled explosions!

    Bestselling author Sophie Kinsella was among those saying more warning that a production company was going to BLOW UP A MASSIVE BUS IN BROAD DAYLIGHT might not have gone amiss.

    Hey film types next time you blow up a bus on Lambeth Bridge maybe tell us first so children in park aren't freaked?

    If you're filming a London bus blowing up and tweeting it out, SAY IT'S FAKE. Some of us lived through 7/7 waiting to see who'd died.

    Asked whether the public was given due notice of the explosion, a spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade in Lambeth told BuzzFeed News they had no further information on the incident.

    A spokesperson for London Fire Brigade's central office said they had not been aware that the filming of the explosion was planned, but believed it had not led to panic locally because they had not received any 999 calls or tweets regarding the incident.

    "I'm sure people were told locally. If we'd have known we'd have said," the spokesperson said.

    "We're a big organisaion, people tell you those things are going to happen if it crops up."