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Everyone Thought Britain’s Eurovision Entry Was Shit

Self-deprecating British wit, or actually just honest?

Britain's Eurovision entry, Electro Velvet, performed a swing, scat, pop mash-up called "I'm Still in Love with You" in Austria tonight.

Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

Brits on Twitter greeted the performance with a typical, self-deprecating modesty.

Britain's Eurovision entry going down well

Then things got political.

Ed Miliband didn't die for this #GBR

Some people got a bit nostalgic about it.

Birds eye potato waffles rip off #eurovision

British entry was written by the man who penned that totemic anthem ... Jim'll Fix It #Eurovision

But mostly, everyone just thought it was shit.

Dead behind the eyes. #gbr #eurovision

UK's Eurovision performance summed up in one word: flaccid.

Oh God. #GBR this is effing embarrassing. #Eurovision

Forget the Empire. This is the worst thing Britain has ever done. #Eurovision


"You might get wet" "Nasty diseases" This is like Gatsby with chlamydia #Eurovision


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