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86 Thoughts Every Woman's Had Dressing For Work When It's Cold

Warm > professional.

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1. Uggghhhh it's so dark, it can't be morning.

2. Winter is evil.

3. 4C is it, iPhone? WTF to wear today?

4. Sassy > warm tho.

5. My nose is cold, I don't want to move anything out from under this duvet.

6. Imagine if you could wear your duvet to work like a cloak.

7. Which of my clothes are most like my duvet?

8. Babies are so lucky getting to wear those padded all-in-one duvet suits when they go out.

9. Babies never have to decide what to wear.

10. Babies don't even have to get out of bed.

11. Jammy bastards.

*gets out of bed*

12. Fuck, it's cold.

13. Sassy < warm.

14. I'm just gonna wear jeans and a jumper.

15. And tights under my jeans.

16. And a shirt and a t-shirt.

17. And a vest.

18. And boots.

19. UGG boots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

20. Warm < really warm.

21. I am going to look like Paris Hilton if she was moonlighting as a student at Leeds.

22. UGH.

23. SO not srs badass bizniz woman.

24. What would Alicia Florrick wear? It's freezing in Chicago and she always looks so slick.

25. And how does Stella Gibson make all those silk blouses work without dying of hypothermia?

26. Fuck you TV, making people think dressing well in the cold is NBD.

27. Saga Noren's jumper game in The Bridge IS strong, tbf.

28. Fuck it, wearing a massive jumper.

29. A nice tailored mini-skirt and ankle boots will make it look srs.

30. So '90s.

31. So grunge-got-a-job.

31. Courtney Love at the office.

32. Just need thick tights.

33. Why are there no tights in my drawer? I own so many tights!

34. You'd think tights had committed a crime the way they hide.

35. Patterned tights kind of are a crime.

36. Never a shortage of them though, is there?

37. Wait here's a pair…

38. Great, a ladder.

39. Wear them anyway?

40.You're not actually Courtney Love.

41. Wonder how long Courtney would last in an office...

42. "Can I smoke in here?"

43. "Fuck you and your spreadsheets!"

44. Shit, is that the time?

45. There's definitely some black tights without ladders in the washing basket.

46. Fuck it, I'll just spray perfume on the feet.

47. OK the whole tights.

48. Warm > clean.

49. FML.

50. I'll distract with just red lipstick.

51. Nobody would expect a woman wearing glamorous lipstick to be wearing old tights.

*leaves house*

52. Bloody hell, it's like the Arctic out here.

53. Must buy gloves.

54. Wonder how Kim Kardashian didn't die wearing that fur bikini.

55. She did have matching furry boots...

56. What a pro.

57. So jealous of those boots rn.

*gets on bus*

58. Man, so happy this bus is warm.


60. Why is nobody else pretty much undressing on this bus?

61. Do they just freeze when they're outside?

62. Are they made of stone?

63. Gonna be sweaty and wearing skanky old tights when I get to work. Cool.

64. ~Professional.

65. FINE, I'll just have to lose some layers for now.

66. OMG I did NOT mean to show my bra taking my jumper off then.

67. Sure, I'll just be the person doing a bus striptease on a Tuesday.

68. Don't you fucking wink at me, pervert.

69. "Did you get into work OK today, no bus troubs?"

70. "Great! Other than the public transport peep show" :|

71. Gah, nearly missed my stop amidst that clothing kerfuffle.

72. Ah, cool air feels good again though.

73. Especially against my red embarrassed face.

74. AGH left my scarf on the bus!

75. Seriously FML.

*arrives at work*

76. Why is there always one person at work who has the foresight to wear boots and socks to work and then change to nice shoes when safely indoors?

77. Why aren't I one of those people?

78. Bet they don't even lose all their good tights.

79. They DEFINITELY don't wear dirty ones.

80. So happy to see someone wearing what looks like all their clothes for warmth.

81. I feel you, wrap-up bud.

82. This office is FREEZING.

83. So happy I wore this jumper.

84. Jumper, you're my best friend.

85. I'm sorry I doubted you when you tried to embarrass us on the bus.