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Posted on Apr 2, 2016

Tom Daley Asked Twitter To Help Design His Cover Photo, And It Didn't Go Well

Never tweet.

Top British diver Tom Daley has asked his 2.5million Twitter followers to help design a new cover photo for his profile.

All you needs to do is take the image below and personalise it in your own way!Winner decided on the 6th #COVERDALEY

On Friday, he tweeted the request that people help personalise the above photo of him looking sultry and slick in an Adidas tracksuit, and then tweet him their creations with the hashtag #COVERDALEY.

The best one will win pride of place on Daley's profile next week.

Well. That wasn't a very wise idea now, was it Tom?

@TomDaley1994 here you are, Tom. #coverdaley

Because as we all know full well, people can't help but take the piss out of things.

Here you go @TomDaley1994 #COVERDALEY

Especially on Twitter, a part of the internet that is practically drowning in piss, it's taken there so often.

@TomDaley1994 I 'll do my best! Here's 4 photos. Your choice! #COVERDALEY

Suggestions ranged from the crude.

Is this the kind of thing you're looking for @TomDaley1994?Get in touch. I'm big in PR. #coverdaley

To the bizarrely creative.

.@TomDaley1994 #COVERDALEY Tom and Kendra the new faces of Balti Club

Some classic memes took a punt for a place on Tom's cover picture.

@hrtbps @TomDaley1994 Or this? #COVERDALEY

Tom "don't know anything about that" Daley.

How about this @TomDaley1994? #COVERDALEY

Current affairs were referenced.

Some were just weird.

Photoshop wizard @Andydrewz wins the internet with this image of @TomDaley1994 being menaced by a Voord from Dr Who.

Kindly folk did try to warn him.

But it was no use.

I hope I win. It took me at least 3 minutes to make this. #COVERDALEY

Because at the end of the day, people will always just draw dicks on things.

#coverdaley (tom's alright rly xx)

Seemingly sensing the beast he'd unleashed, Daley later suggested some polite terms and conditions for the competition.

Please do read the T&C’s of the comp guys before you enter! # COVERDALEY

The competition ends on Monday, with a winner announced two days later. We can't wait to see who's won...

@scottygb @TomDaley1994 no it's a great idea

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