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People Are Shocked That Wetherspoon's Is Scrapping Its Traditional Sunday Roast

The final "Sunday Club" meals will be served up by the pub chain on Mother's Day.

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People are outraged at the news that popular pub chain J.D. Wetherspoon is removing the traditional Sunday roast from its menu.

The pub has made the decision as part of a menu overhaul that will place more emphasis on its "core" everyday menu, which includes steaks, a fried breakfast and salads. Two new burgers will also be introduced.

"The Sunday lunches in our pubs are very good, but we change our menus twice a year, and we've been thinking about it a while," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

"We wanted to think more about the food that's available every day rather than something that's only once a week," the spokesperson said, adding that "there will still be a roasted meat meal on the main menu".

For 15 years, Wetherspoon's has been offering a "Sunday Club" menu of a traditional roast dinner with an alcoholic drink from £6.59.

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The British public has developed something of a fondness for the Wetherspoon's Sunday lunch.

"We serve up food to 2 million people a week, so we're not necessarily surprised that people have an attachment to it," the spokesperson told us.

"If other pubs did the same thing nobody would care, but Wetherspoon's is something of a zeitgeist.

"It's part of people's lives."

As the roast news broke, people on Twitter expressed their dismay at the break with tradition.

what's this no traditional roast to be served at Wetherspoons anymore, Sunday roast its traditional its like toast at breakfast

Oh no! Wetherspoons are removing roast dinners from their menu, it's the beginning of the end! 😂

"There will be a lot of disappointed people and we apologise for that," a Wetherspoon's representative told The Sun. "But sometimes you have to make a commercial decision."

The spokesperson denied, however, that the roast's removal was due to poor sales. "It was selling – it's just a decision we decided to make," they told us.

When asked whether the pub would consider bringing the roast back as a result of people's outrage, the spokesperson said "never say never".

"But at this stage we're not looking to bring it back and if we did, it wouldn't be for six months anyway."

The final roasts will be served at the chain's 950 pubs on Sunday 6 March.

Laura Silver is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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