20 Things Rachel Wore In "Friends" That You'd Definitely Wear Now

    The one with a totally boss wardrobe.

    1. Slouchy dungarees

    Floral vest underneath, navy jumper tied on top: the only reference you need for bringing back this trend.

    2. Dungaree shorts

    All hail Osh Kosh B'gosh! Especially worn with a sleeveless sweater.

    3. Belted fold-down dungarees

    4. A denim waistcoat

    Worn open, layered, or fastened up as a little top. If there was an emoji for Rachel's wardrobe, the mini denim waistcoat would be it.

    5. A fitted denim shirt

    6. A cheongsam dress or blouse

    Yet to be resurrected along with the rest of the '90s, but totally worth a comeback – maybe even in crushed velvet.

    7. Rachel's pyjama game was strong

    So much plaid and varsity, so little impression that she hasn't left the sofa for days. A lesson in loungewear.

    8. Excellent mum jeans

    Always worn with a shrunken T-shirt for maximum midriff impact.

    9. The waist-tied shirt

    10. Short shirt + high-waisted skirt

    11. Short shirt and high-waisted capri pants

    The episode where Ross and Rachel get into a sexually tense bust-up with a woman in the launderette ("The One With the East German Laundry Detergent", for pedantic types), features one of Rachel's best outfits ever. Would absolutely wear now.

    12. Non-jean denim items

    Mum jeans aside, Rachel tended to stick to cute skirts and dressed, but her wardrobe was still heavy on denim, and this top and mini skirt are fine examples of Rachel style to eBay-search now.

    13. The '90s slip dress

    So strong, all these years later.

    14. A slip dress and jersey combo

    Because spaghetti straps alone are still not safe for work.

    15. This plaid dress

    16. Mini kilt and knee socks

    And to think Alicia Silverstone's look in Clueless has been getting all the retro credit for this look.

    17. A mens' work-shirt

    18. Checked trousers

    Why limit the plaid revival to shirts? These trousers are a fine accompaniment to a navy cashmere jumper.

    19. The olive-green "break-up" coat

    20. A side-split mini skirt

    Still got it...