20 Things Rachel Wore In "Friends" That You'd Definitely Wear Now

The one with a totally boss wardrobe.

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10. Short shirt + high-waisted skirt

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The shape created by Rachel's mini Central Perk apron, always complimented with a short shirt, can absolutely be recreated with a high-waisted mini skater skirt. The definitive Rachel silhouette.

11. Short shirt and high-waisted capri pants

The episode where Ross and Rachel get into a sexually tense bust-up with a woman in the launderette ("The One With the East German Laundry Detergent", for pedantic types), features one of Rachel's best outfits ever. Would absolutely wear now.

12. Non-jean denim items

Mum jeans aside, Rachel tended to stick to cute skirts and dressed, but her wardrobe was still heavy on denim, and this top and mini skirt are fine examples of Rachel style to eBay-search now.

19. The olive-green "break-up" coat

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In "The One With the Morning After" (when Rachel finds out Ross shagged that other girl, as if you need to be told), Ross looks like even more of a chump than he already should simply because the spurned Rachel looks so good, and this wonderful coat plays no small part in that fact.

20. A side-split mini skirt

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From Season 4, Friends becomes a real fashion desert – maybe they changed wardrobe departments, maybe 1998–2004 were just a style dead-zone, IDK – but Rachel at least makes an effort with tailored, split-to-the-side miniskirts, which would totally work now.