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Doctors Are Mocking The Sun's Claims They Live The High Life

"When national newspapers publicly and ludicrously attack the personal lives of junior doctors, we respond with humour and defiance," one junior doctor told BuzzFeed News.

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Doctors are poking fun at claims made by The Sun that they lead extravagant lives, by posting pictures of themselves doing mundane things.

Tea-swilling Shock Doc Wears Live Cat Fur for Breakfast #smearthedocs

Ahead of the first of several planned strikes by junior doctors on Tuesday over changes to their contracts, the newspaper showed social media pictures of key campaigners in the dispute drinking Champagne and holidaying in exotic locations, calling them "Moët Medics".

Junior doctor Ben White, who started the hashtag #SmearTheDocs in response to the report, called the story a "politically motivated attempt to turn the public against junior doctors," in a message to BuzzFeed News.

Many doctors picked up on the assertion that those fighting against what they consider to be an unfair pay deal should not be going on holiday.

@ProtocoIDriven GP basks on beach in front of private yacht with designer dog. Also had ice cream #smearthedoctors

@ProtocoIDriven I got enough annual leave to go on honeymoon after my wedding - to Mexico! AND I live in a house. Disgraceful #smearthedocs

"When national newspapers publicly and ludicrously attack the personal lives of junior doctors, we respond with humour and defiance," White told us.

"The British public are not stupid and will not be conned."

@TheSun #smearthedocs 'doctor relaxes in the Caribbean in a pose like princess Margaret'

Other doctors used the hashtag to sarcastically boast about their outlandish purchases.

#smearthedocs junior doc's daughter has her own pony. Clearly paid too much.

One doctor even admitted to buying Waitrose toilet paper.

I don't just have any old own brand recycled toilet paper - I use waitrose essential #smearthedocs

Some went as far as confessing their "shameful waste of money" on chocolates...

Full disclosure. I can afford both Ferrero Rocher and Milk Tray for myself. Shameful waste of money! #smearthedocs

...or fancy means of getting about.

This GP owns a vintage snow speeder for home visits 😨 #smearthedocs #JuniorDoctorsStrike #StarWars @ProtocoIDriven

The Sun's "Moët Medic" claim was wildly disputed by some.

I feel really uncomfortable, I actually prefer Aldi prosecco, oh the shame #moetmedics

And as well as the "Moët Medics'" flashy drinking habits...

One more day having moët! I am fed up... #smearthedocs

...we got a sense of the kind of lavish lunches they've been treating themselves to as well.

#juniordoctor treated herself and her daughter to a lavish Sunday lunch in a high end restaurant #smearthedocs

This doctor said he didn't have time for food shopping after working 12 days straight.

Working 12days straight - no time for food shopping so treated myself to a meal deal, so decadent #smearthedocs

But this doctor couldn't stop shopping.

Junior Doctor, 28, uses THREE bags for life for one week of shopping. Excessive. #smearthedocs #moetmedics

A GP admitted to regularly splashing out large sums of money.

GP reg splashes out on luxury £1600 exam and spends Sunday revising next to my pants #moetmedics #smearthedocs

From 8am on 12 January to 8am on 13 January, and from 8am on 26 January to 8am on 28 January, junior doctors will perform only emergency care.

On 10 February, they will stage a full walkout between 8am and 5pm.

The walkout and days of reduced service, in response to a newly proposed junior contract that doctors have said is "not safe and not fair", will mark the first industrial action by doctors since 1975.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, health secretary Jeremy Hunt warned that the strikes pose a risk to patient safety.

Disclosing that around 4,000 operations had been cancelled, he said doctors were "basically saying 'we won't be there for you in life-threatening situations'."

But speaking to BuzzFeed News on the announcement of the strikes earlier this week, Dr Amir Reyahi, a consultant who will be covering shifts while junior doctors strike, said: "I don't agree with the argument that the strike will affect patient safety – it should not."

"We were fully prepared last time and encouraged everyone to strike," he told us. "We will be doing the same again, as all the seniors are supportive and prepared to come in and work."

Laura Silver is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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