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The Rock Let A 2-Year-Old Girl Think She Was Pulling A Plane And It's A Feels-Fest

"Uncle Rock" is a hit with the kids.

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Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, dropped 15 seconds of feels onto Instagram yesterday when a little girl visited the set of his new film, Central Intelligence, and he let her think she was pulling a plane unaided.

In the video, the former wrestler cheerfully exclaims to two-year-old Kai, who is holding the rope, “you’re so strong! You’re pulling an airplane!” as he uses his mega-heft to drag the aircraft along.


Using the hashtags “#AmazingStrengthYouHave” and “#GreatJobHoney” The Rock was full of encouragement for this badass woman-of-the-future, and proved once again why he’s a badass man of right now.

When beautiful little 2yr old Kai visits our set and she wants to "pull the airplane" all by herself. Well, she gets to pull the airplane... all by herself. #GreatJobHoney #AmazingStrengthYouHave #UncleRockPullsAHamstring #OnSet #AwesomeMemories #CentralIntelligence