Women Are Live-Tweeting Their Periods And It's The Realest Thing Ever

    #LiveTweetYourPeriod is a world of pain, emotion, and one big protest against sky-diving in white jeans.

    Last December, BuzzFeed employee Tracy Clayton began the hashtag, #LiveTweetYourPeriod to share the #RealStruggle most women feel while menstruating.

    let's start a movement!! RT @KimBethke: I want more people to #livetweetyourperiod h/t @brokeymcpoverty

    Women immediately started using it, and she has proudly described the hashtag as her “most important contribution to society.”

    The hashtag has stuck around ever since, since periods come around again and again, as they do, but when Jenna Wortham praised it in the New York Times last weekend, the hashtag saw something of a resurgence.

    Catch me in Sunday's paper like hey whattup

    Women the world over have tweeted about their eternal pain...

    #LiveTweetYourPeriod Anyone got a rusty trowel I could borrow to get rid of this uterus?

    There is a war inside my body #LiveTweetYourPeriod

    Their clothing dilemmas...

    Sweatpants are all that fits me right now... #LiveTweetYourPeriod

    Culinary emergencies...

    just sent my boyfriend to the store for emergency bags of three different kinds of chocolate. #livetweetyourperiod


    Just sky-dived and then went horse-riding wearing white jeans, followed by laughing while eating a salad #livetweetyourperiod


    #livetweetyourperiod If I had red glitter instead of blood & uterine lining coming out of me,I'd show it to everyone.

    And just the general shit-show women go through on a monthly basis...

    These ovaries ain't loyal #livetweetyourperiod

    That moment when you stand up and there's a rush of blood and you hope & pray it didn't stain your pants. #livetweetyourperiod

    But while Wortham agreed that the women piss-taking their way through this "communal commiseration" is hilarious, she also noted that it represents "a microprotest against a modern paradox."

    She said:

    Social media is saturated with images of hypersexualized women, but these are rarely considered as scandalous as content that dares to reveal how a woman's body actually functions.

    By way of example, Wortham recalled the outrage caused when student and artist Rupi Kaur posted an image of herself wearing bloodstained trousers to Instagram earlier this year.

    "These two campaigns exist in separate but parallel universes, each highlighting gender bias as it exists on social media," Wortham wrote.

    So go forth and #LiveTweetYourPeriod! It's political.

    Tracy Clayton started the hashtag #LiveTweetYourPeriod in December 2014. An earlier version of this post misstated the month.