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24 Lies Londoners Tell Themselves

Tired of London, tired of life (in zone six, with no money).

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1. I don’t mind going to the opposite side of the city to see my friends sometimes.

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2. East London is full of niche, independent shops.


3. £8 is totally reasonable for a burger, esp if it comes with ~amazing sauce I read about on Twitter.

4. I would never Instagram food just to prove I've been to a hot new restaurant.

5. £5 is totally fine for a pint of lager – you’re paying to be in Britain’s coolest pubs.

6. Course I don’t mind not living near a tube station, the Overground’s really reliable anyway.

7. I actually LIKE that it takes me an hour to get to work, I catch up on reading.

8. You can totally still find an affordable house to buy in London.

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9. Renting is cool anyway, I don’t want to be tied down.

Especially with housemates. Live-in BFFs!
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Especially with housemates. Live-in BFFs!

10. It’s not small, it’s cosy!

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11. Oxford Circus won't be too busy.

12. There are loads of nice people on Tinder in a city this big.

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13. The South Bank is a pleasant and relaxing place to spend a Sunday.

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14. We’re so lucky to have the tube, one of the best transport systems in the world.

15. It’s definitely not that busy all the time.

16. Leeds is shit.

17. Manchester’s even shitter.

18. Don’t even talk to me about Liverpool. Shit. Hole.

19. I really like small plates in restaurants, so much choice!

20. Being able to book a table in a restaurant is for squares with no spontaneity.

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21. And having a drink while you queue is just like a modern apéritif anyway.

22. The night bus isn't that bad. It's like continuing the party for an hour and a half!

23. I reckon a park-bridge would actually be pretty cool.

Yeah, totally worth the money.
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Yeah, totally worth the money.

24. I'm paying to experience one of the best and most exciting cities in the world, and that's pretty priceless really, isn't it?