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    A Woman Made A Scarily Life-Like Prince George Out Of Cake

    Lara Mason told BuzzFeed News it's a compliment if her cake creeps people out because it means it's realistic.

    Amateur baker Lara Mason won the gold prize at Birmingham's Cake International show for her life-size Prince George cake.

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    "Every year comp gets more intense," Mason, who has in previous years made life-sized cake versions of Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp.

    But having got married just two weeks ago, Mason said she "had absolutely no time" to create something massive, and instead chose George because he's so small.

    Plus, she told us, she was marked down last year because not all of the judges recognised Jennifer Lawrence, "but everyone knows who Prince George is," she said. "He's the most photographed child in the world!"

    Mason added that she chose George because "he’s super-cute," and said the reaction to the cake was really positive.

    Facebook: Cakes.Tasty

    "Everyone loved it," she told us, saying that making mini-George worked to her advantage because it's hard to see the face of a person on a taller cake when it's displayed on a table.

    "People could really appreciate detail on his face, which is key to a realistic cake like this," Mason said.

    Cake George is made from five eight-inch vanilla cakes and took 30 hours over two weeks to make.

    Facebook: Cakes.Tasty

    "People loved seeing sculpture involved," she added, pointing out that she didn't use much buttercream as the cake is strictly for display rather than eating.

    Another reason she won't eat him is because she "can keep him as it’s so small."

    Mason has been making life-like cakes as Tasty Cakes for about four years, but said it's more of a hobby that she does in her spare time.

    "Some people have been creeped out by how real they look," Mason told us.

    Facebook: Cakes.Tasty

    She said that people have told her that her George cake looks like a doll or a real boy attached to a cake-board.

    "But to me that’s a compliment because if people find them creepy, it's because they're so realistic," she added.

    Mason plans to do something even more ambitious for her next project, and that her creativity "blossoms every year".

    She doesn't have plans to make animal cakes because while is possible to make them realistic, she felt that "you can make a fox that people recognise as fox, but not like a particular fox".

    Next, Mason said she might create a life-sized David Beckham. "Who's going to say no to cake version of him!?" she laughed.

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